Teri Bayus

I'm a Gonzo Gidget living in Pismo Beach. I've written (and optioned) 2 screenplays; a coming of age comedy about the art of storytelling, and a Christmas musical.

I have 4 TV pilots currently; one dark comedy mystery called HOA, one magical realism about a food critic who sees fairy tales in restaurants, a dramedy about being a gay man in the 1950s who collects animals, and a comedy sitcom about a strip club.

I've also written two culinary erotica novels and one nonfiction book about my life.

I'm currently editing a memoir/novel about when I ran away and joined the circus as a trapeze artist.

I'm the director of the Central Coast Writer's Conference and was for 25 years a restaurant critic.

I have created/produced two short films that gained many laurels at film festivals and a TV show called Taste Buds that ran for three seasons.

I have experience as an entrepreneur, business owner, supervisor, and corporate officer, with a creative and very organized cognizance. I have owned over 20 businesses in the last 30 years; everything from media companies (3 radio stations and a TV station) to advertising agencies to restaurants and bars. I have a unique perspective as a small business owner. I co-own (with my husband) Prestige Business Sales, Mergers and Acquisitions.

Facebook: Meet Teri Bayus Twitter: teribayus. You Tube: Teribayus.
Yelp: terib. LinkedIn: TeriBayus. Blog: theyearoftheteri.blogspot.com

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