55 Word Fiction Contest

Each year I enter the 55 Word Fiction Contest that is held by the local paper. I won a couple of years ago, but haven’t placed since. This year I have two entries so far. I used to toil at these stories for hours, but after “Twittering” for the past two months, getting my thoughts concise was not as hard. Here are my entries:

Boy Lost
by Teri Bayus

I raised him to be a good boy, but the Judge says he isn’t.
I cheered at baseball, gymnastics, spelling bees.
Drugs won.
What is a mother to do, her job done – yet, not?
I guided for 25 years, now it’s called enabling.
Ala-non says one day at a time.
A son is lost.

By Teri Bayus
Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Chat, IM, Email, Blog, Telephone, Voice Messages.
Many ways Not to connect with each other.
We keep in touch and do not touch.
When was the last time you:
Invited the neighbor over for coffee?
Took your daughter for lunch to talk?
Looked in your mothers’ eyes to state, I love you?

Wish me luck!