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A day of eating and drinking with Teri

We ventured down to Santa Maria to explore her first estate sale. It’s a weird event when someone has passed, and all of their things are intact and for sale. The food in the cupboard, the clothes in the closet, the things she held most dear, now have a price tag on them. 

We found some treasures and then moved to Las Comadres. This Salvadorian restaurant is one of my favorites, as Pupusas is my favorite street food. 
Trying new food is like being kissed for the first time. The anticipation is giddy, with the hope that the taste on the lips will be satisfying. Pupusas Are made with ancient maize and formed into pockets that hold delectable ingredients. Loroco is a seed found on and plant and mixed with cojeta cheese. It’s fried on the grill and served with a cabbage and carrot vinegar salad. Then topped with salsa roja which is made from tomato sauce, water, cilantro, green bell pepper, onion, crushed garlic, and a bouillon cube. 
We had 4 different pupusas including, bean, pork skin, and cheese. They were accompanied by fried Plaintain‘s and croquettes stuffed with beans.
I watched with pleasure as her face lit up at the taste of exotic in yet simple. Everyone must try this. Las Comadres is on Main Street in Santa Maria.
Then we did grownup stuff like County Clerk and Banking.  We felt we needed a reward so we ventured to Pismo Beach. 

Hospitality when done correctly, is an art form. Charlie Puffer personifies that the ancient art of marking everyone feels at home and comfortable in his unique wine bar/bistro/cabaret. This welcome den of pleasure features the best wines, amazing tapas menu and live music every night. 

At first glance, you see the erotic mermaids on the wall and the Bone-In Jamón Serrano in the kitchen with Andy. Then the always welcoming arms of Charlie- the genius behind Puffers of Pismo, welcomes you. One sweep of the bar and you realize that all the diners are foodies, influencers and Chefs. You know you found Nirvana. 
We sat outside to watch the Pismo traffic flow by. Our first wine was an Italian Albarino, It’s a cold tart snap, paired perfectly with our cheese plate of preternatural tastes-of house-made honey brie, pecorino, truffle manchego, Marconi almonds, and grilled bread. A trio of delicious olives, a plate of gossamer cut ham completed the meal. 
Charlie chooses our next succulent wine, a Tempranillo which sated us all. As the bossa nova begin to swing, we reveled in this exquisite place.

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