A Woman Lost and Found

This is my dog Tripper, running in the ocean at Avila Beach

My friend Lauren started a blog Jan 1, 2009 and I have been riveted and reading it every day. She is on a journey of cleansing and losing weight. I too am on a journey, finding for the first time in my life, I can do anything I want. My kids are raised, my husbands business is successful and his employees well trained, I also have a business that is run by my daughter, so I have rendered myself obsolete.

I trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up and I find myself with opportunities, time and even a little (stress little) money put aside. I have always been one of huge “idea” people with little time and no money. Now I spend my days making lists, reading the Daily OM and trying to see what my path should be. My lists include:

  1. My Skills
  2. My Dreams
  3. Choices I made
  4. My Perfect future
  5. What I want my day to be like
  6. My health
  7. How do I fit in fun and Love

I also made a list from every journal I have ever owned of all my New Years Resolutions, business ideas and dreams. I see no clear path. I am calling in the troops (otherwise known as brave girlfriends who are also entrepreneurs) to show them my data and see if they see a clear path.

Writing is my passion. I have written and sold screenplays, just finished my first book and I am a writer for the local paper doing Dinner and a Movie columns each week( basically I get paid to date my husband and write about it). I have a ton of writing ideas that I want to finish, but the solitary life of a writer is not good for me. I need social interaction or I get a bit crazy.

My sister (age 32) died of Breast cancer 3 years ago, so that knocked the wind out of my life for longer than I care to admit. But I have replaced crazy family with good friends, and find myself in a great place.

Other than being menopausal, (having to changes my sheets everyday as they are soaked in sweat and cuddling with my husband is a distant memory) coming off a year where I got pneumonia, shingles (5 times) and my husband suffers a nervous breakdown every December, my life is perfect. I live at the beach and my kids are all on their own.

I am going to virtually vent everyday and see where it leads me.

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  1. G

    That dog looks like he really loves you.

  2. G

    I recommend 2 or 3 times weekly “giggles”

  3. D

    Life is good, you have LOTS of choices. I know how smart you REALLY are. Try anything and everything. Don’t but so much pressure on having to go somewhere everyday and WORK. It is overrated this I know for sure.

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