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The cool thing about living in a beach town is the people who are attracted to the sea. Millionaires, free spirited abode challenged peeps, artistic hopefuls, surfers and beach bums all grace this hamlet by the sea and we all get along. One particular couple I adored from the first visit was Jessica and Clayton Connolly. They moved to Shell Beach and didn’t know anyone, so they put together a dog show called “Best in Shell”. The concept was to bring your mutt and his unique genius and win a prize. Beach running pooches all came to show off. They met new people and started their tribe.

Then they started a business (or started working with a family member, I’m not clear of the particulars) called Acholi Beads. They distributed beads necklaces, bracelets and earrings all made with paper by the Acholi Tribe in Uganda. Last year they poured over $50,000 into the Acholi tribe, a feat that would have taken the tribe working in the rock corry 25 years to match.

Acholi Beads is a company I do business with, we do their boxing and shipping to their distributors. I give them the boxes for free and my cost on the shipping. I will do anything to help this great cause. The jewelry is beautiful and helps so many people that we would be unable to reach out to otherwise. It is a global wish come true and I am proud to be associated with the company and the Connolly’s. They put the cool in cool.

Here is a video showing the company and its purpose. Website is

Acholi Beads Glimpse: Stepping Stones from James Pearson on Vimeo.

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  1. Jessica Connolly

    Thank you so much Teri! We so appreciate all you do!

  2. LoisW

    My heart breaks over what happens in parts of Africa. My daughter lived in Togo for 2 and a half years. I will vouch for these beads, they are all unique and so colorful.

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