Amazing Grace

Seeing as many movies as I do and existing in an idyllic life with a great husband, living in paradise and the kids grown, my mind tends to wander to romantic situations. (This may have been heightening by the fact that I spent the last three weeks in bed and stumbled across Soap Opera’s for the first time in 20 years). My husband took such good care of me while I was sick, when a glimmer of hope that I might survive inducted itself into my brain, I wanted to thank him in the most romantic way possible. I did not want it to be just a regular gift, I wanted something that would ring out to the whole universe how much I love him and the gratitude I felt for him running my life, store, businesses, and etc. while I blew threw boxes of Kleenex.

My answer appeared before me as I picked up my prescription from Von’s. Parked next to me was a car sign for a professional bagpipe player. I called the number immediately, and although he was visiting from San Francisco, he agreed to meet us on the end of the Pismo Pier at sunset and play Amazing Grace.

An explanation is due here. Our very first time sailing was on a tall ship called the Yankee Clipper. At sunset, the Scottish captain called for the crew to raise the sails and as the wind filled each sail with a sound that reminded me of angel’s wings beating, he played Amazing Grace on the bagpipes. That magical moment has been seared into our heads. Everyday no matter what is going on; we stop what we are doing, go to the beach, and watch the sunset. I have Amazing Grace on Cassettes, CD and on my I POD, but never have I been able to produce a live performance.

So I picked Gary up at work at 5:30 and gave him a madcap story of how today was going to be a exceptional sunset (I told him a web of lies that included planets aligning and marine layers) and we were going to enjoy it on the end of the pier with champagne and treats. As we walked down the pier, he said over three times, all we are missing is Amazing Grace. At the perfect time, our bagpiper appeared dressed in full Scottish gear and began our song as the sun set. It was a perfect moment. Gary was so surprised and I trust it conveyed my deep love and appreciation for him. Everyone on the end of the pier loved the performance and we applauded not only for the bagpipes, but also for the sun.