Boaters for Books!

Very Exciting! My books made it to the Spice Island! It took a whole year, but they are there! I encourage you to support this wonderful organization that is helping with litercy in the Carribean. If you live by me, bring the books in and I will ship them for free. If you don’t live by me, just send them money or get help from your local Rotary or Library.

Here is the website:

“Hi Teri,
Our 2008 shipment of books reached the Grenada docks on January 29th. I received an email from our Grenada coordinator, Anita, that she and Lillian Sylvester from the Library, have things well in hand. I was able to consolidate all those wonderful boxes you sent into 3 less boxes, which helped with the stacking and crushing problem. So – I got to see first hand the great volumes. I’ll have a complete report, together with photos, shortly. As soon as the girls get it together on island time. You know how that goes.Take care and thanks again. . .we’re collecting now for next year!!

Here we go again.

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  1. twinkelydots

    I’m very proud of you! Just promise me none of those books were ones that you hid from your kids or Joyce.

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