Buongiorno to 8575 Perfetto Caffe

Buongiorno 8575 Perfetto Caffe

Bell and I visited two cafes this week. One was Jamba Juice, and as Bell expressed, “It was better than a Slurpee, but not much.”

Then we had a perfecto experience at Perfetto Caffe. This sidewalk coffee bar offered an adorable layout with perfecto Italian espresso and many other stellar Italian treats. We ordered through the door and then sat in the morning sun. I had a double espresso, hoping it would be as good as the ones I had daily when visiting Italy. And it was! I nearly jumped for joy as the flavor brought back the sounds of Venice, water slapping the walls, Vaporettos gunning through the canals, and the ancient church bells.

Bell thought she was a cheeky minx as she ordered an Italian soda. This girl is not allowed to drink American soda. She was surprised at the subtle flavor of her strawberry Italian soda (soda water with a splash of flavor). The cute Italian couple that owns this bar gushed over Bell’s cupcake hat, and their darling 3-year-old son dashed out to greet Bell. His gleeful prater added to the charm of this café.

Bell loved the blueberry muffin, and I had the breakfast egg panino. Perfect soft bread is stuffed with whipped eggs, bacon, cheese, and a light spicy red pepper sauce that’s pressed and warmed to create a heavenly sandwich. I ordered another flavorful café, and we agreed we were living a unique and authentic Italian experience right here in Grover Beach.

Bell talked with the other customers as we judged our restaurants on how many people like to chin wag with a darling 10-year-old. She was pleased that everyone chatted with glee. I guess good coffee makes people happy.

We fell in love with Perfetto Café, and Bell practiced her “Chow” as each person left. I reveled in the “Grazie Mille.” a sound missing from my Italian days. We will be back here whenever I need a remembrance of Italy and the best cup of coffee in the area. #Tastebuds #Perfetto #GroverBeach #Grands #Breakfast #ChattingwithBell #GonzoGidget