When figuring out a new type of restaurant, most people look to what is the most profitable. Rarely do they strive for the most flavorful, creative and comfort food based menu. Lucky we have a rare treat in downtown Pismo Beach called Chipwrecked.  With a new style and concept, this restaurant will be with us a very long time.  This bistro is family run with Dan, Sarah and daughter Larkin greeting, fixing and serving the most outstanding and creative meals. In between customers, they are constantly inventing new flavor models and amazing sandwiches. The chip concept is achieved by taking large hardy Kenabec potatoes, slicing them paper thin and deep-frying them in a high flash point (thus less greasy) canola oil. These chips are then layered with palate busting flavors and served with house made dips that are dazzling. Intrigued? I was, so read on.
We started with the La Belle chips with truffle essence and lace-thin shaved Parmesan served in paper tugboats. Accompanying the chips were dips served in industrial compostable containers with amazing flavors like Sweet French onion. This sweet sautéed onion based (this is not your French’s mix here) dip was exceptional. The Cheddar Beer dip was an outstanding grouping of a stout beer, creamy cheddar with a sour cream base, I would love this spread on crackers or bread in addition to the chips. You can buy the dips in larger sizes, which I did as they are perfect for entertaining. The Mary Rose consisted of fried potato chips topped with lavender salt, goat cheese and honey.  This amalgamation of essences intrigued me, as they were so unusual. The saltiness of the goat cheese with the complimentary sweetness of the honey made a delicious recipe.  Add that to an absolutely crispy and crunchy potato chip, and you have a savory nirvana. All the chips are named for famous ships, while the sandwiches are after famous naval spots. Each tugboat is perfectly fried, crispy, thin slices of potato topped with the most interesting toppings. Gary ordered the The Doña Paz. This consisted of a fresh plantain sliced into vertical chips, fried and sprinkled with vanilla salt, dark chocolate drizzle and caramel sauce. He loved the tropic flavors melted with the sweet of the caramel and chocolate. He declared it the perfect desert chip.
I moved on to a Port Astoria sandwich, a tuna salad blend served on delicious poppy seed bread that is lightly toasted.  Inside the tuna was blended with chopped Granny Smith apples, cucumbers, pine nuts, celery and a bit of mayonnaise. What a curious and wonderful essence blend.  The sandwiches came with a side of potato chips, so we sampled the stock USS Constitution with a salty, crispy exterior and the The Conquistador, a amalgamation of flavors including chili salt, fresh cilantro and topped with jalapenos, cotija cheese with a hint of lime. With the spicy chipotle dip this dish was fiery and flavorful. Gary had Ma-ruebened, Chipwrecked’s version of the Rueben sandwich. Served on a dark rye bread with house made corned beef, sauerkraut and a smidge of the delicious beer and cheddar spread, then topped with Swiss chees and all grilled up to perfection. He was a big fan of this unique version of a classic sandwich. 
Chipwrecked is a wonderful place to have lunch once a week, as it is family run; their daughter was doing homework over in the corner while we ate.  We enjoyed hearing about their new creations (Sarah has an amazing palette and is constantly creating new addictive recipes) that are featured as specials. She also makes a new soup each week and they are outstanding. I loved their vegan and gluten free options, also. This is a place in Pismo beach that does not serve fast food, just good food. I would encourage you to try it and not become a regular.
Chipwrecked is located at 246 Pomeroy in Pismo Beach and is open from 11:30am- till the crowds go home. You can reach them at (805) 556-5272 or on the web at