Color Crisis

I’m having a color crisis. We are down to the wire with the bottom half of the house; everything is done but two walls painted and the doors hung. I might even get my bathroom back this weekend.

We had two colors picked out for the hall walls. A Burgundy accent wall and a tan coming up the stairs. At 11:00 PM the other night, husband said the tan was to dark. That two of the stairway walls had to be lighter. We sifted threw color books for hours and came up with a green/gold. Got up at the crack of dawn and ran to the paint store to buy it (I never know when the painters will show up- sometimes is 7:30- sometimes not until after noon- they have seen me in my robe with coffee in hand more than my husband has.)

Brought it home, painted a test patch on the wall. It looks like baby poop. That special color that shows up in their diapers when they first start eating solid food. We tried it at dusk, under the chandelier light; it still looks like infant shit.

So up again when the birds are still nesting looking for a new color. This time we went with a sea blue. Husband painted a swatch. I hate it. Looks like a babies room. Not at all the warm atmosphere I’m going for.

You can’t take paint back. We had them add more black to the baby shit, so we could use it in the garage (now it is a camo flavor). The painters are supposed to finish today, I don’t want to hold them up, but I hate the blue. I don’t want to survive this entire remodel to have a color that makes my eyes bleed every time I see it.

Husband now refuses to deal with it; throwing a hissy fit, “I’m too busy to deal with paint, it must wait until tonight. He trusts me, make a decision”, he barks. Fine, the colorblind girl will decide what color is best to stare at for the next 10 years!

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  1. twinkelydots

    If you’re colorblind then why would the color matter???

    And why do you think I’m trying to pick up on that husband of yours??

  2. Dina

    Pick some really gnarly color to punish him for throwing a hissy fit 🙂

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