Estate Sale Heaven!

Estate sale Heaven today- a Lady who died at 98 and had a serious shopping problem and no husband -left us 6 rooms of clothes, shoes, purses and girly goodies for me to paw thru (there was even a fine selection of vibrators). She shopped mainly at Nordstrom’s. I filled my trunk with clothes, shoes and purses and plan to go back tomorrow. This was a woman possessed with fashion. Each outfit was labeled when she wore it, what shoes and jewelry went with it and where she bought it. Impressive organization. Mostly it was all new with the tags. Gorgeous beaded dresses, female tuxes, Jimmy Choo matching purses and shoes, wigs, jewelry, furs and it all was tasteful and beautiful. The clothes spanned the years and her sizes, going from petite to 18 wide, as a woman’s body is ot to do.

In the garage she had 12 tables of vintage Christmas items, and over 100 Santa dolls. One room had 300 dolls. Chrystal wear, 4 full sets of dishes and 6 tables of silver serving items. My favorite items was a sign that read “Don’t let life get you down, that is what men are for.”
This was a woman who lived life on her own terms without the guide or nuisance of a husband. I dig that about her. Some people were appalled by the gluttony of her shopping. I was impressed. How many of us fall into the false hope that a man will complete us? When really all they are good for is taking out the trash?

Most bad things that happened to me were because of men. By that I mean, my obsession with men- made bad events emerge. A designer suit from Nordstroms wouldn’t ever hurt me, leave me or steal my heart. She died with more money than she could spend and now a charity is taking the proceeds from the estate sale and the house. I see a full life -lived well. Thanks Silvia for the Treasures.