Farmer’s Market Diet

I returned from vacation rested and ready to change the world. Well, my world anyway. For some reason, sleeping in a matchbox size hotel inspires me to make the prodigious changes I find unattainable sleeping in my feather bed.

I was going to eat healthier. Not that fast-food ever touches my lips, but in my post retail world where I wasn’t schlepping home to inhale an entire bottle of wine and pound of Gouda to take the edge off the day, I resolved to eat more veggies.

My mind works in a way that each change must be followed by a philosophy, a story a reason. There is no doing things just for the sake of doing them in my life. Everything becomes a possible story, business or trend. I wasn’t just going to eat more veggies; I was going to write a book about eating only from Farmers Market. Brilliant I thought and for sure it would be a best seller.

Then I went to Farmer’s Market and realized how unhealthy this idea might be. There were no proteins except duck eggs, garlic crème cheese and hummus. I wouldn’t last a week on this regiment. I wrote the idea in my book (which is now the size of an encyclopedia) of good ideas and bought some dates.

Here is what I made for dinner. Dates cut in half, a pecan half (placed for 2 hour in the freezer to maintain integrity), a small chunk of Spanish mancheco cheese all wrapped in a thinly sliced piece of prosciutto. Broil for 5-8 minutes.

Not only was this delicious, it convinced me that I am a carnivore and a new story for my new life must be formulated.