Find New Maids

Read at your own peril.

Here’s how the conversation went:

“Mrs. Teri, when we vacuum your room, we sucked up big black straps that were attached to bed. Vacuum no like, so we turn over and pull straps out.”
Me: AuuuHoooo
“Then my wife, good Christian lady, get down on floor to help pull straps out. Under bed she reach and pull out pink plastic missile. She scream.”
Me: “Ummm, let me explain.”
“No Mrs. Teri, no needing to splain. We can’t clean your house no more. Games you and Mr. play, my wife no like. Glass vase with hoses and holes down sides, we not like either.”
Me: “But you clean my toilets better than anyone! What will I do?”
“Find new maids with big brush, and open mind.”

So I am looking for new maids that don’t mind the Hookah collection or the relaxation techniques empty-nesters employ.

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  1. LoisW

    Holy Chamoly!! I haven’t seen a Hookah like that since 1969!!! And you aren’t supposed to smoke the stuff before you blog! It’s WARNING, not WARING! LMAO

  2. Tricia

    Good luck with the toilets! I hope your new maids are more open-minded 🙂

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