Food Allergies

This Picture was taking on our last Princess Cruise. I made Gary take pictures every night until we got one where I wasn’t squinting or looked stupid. This was taken after a day of Rum tasting. We were loopy and in love with Grenada and its Rum.

Okay this just pisses me off. In the last 3 months I have developed a food allergy. First I thought I had over done the juicing. We go to farmer’s market 2-3 times a week, buy green leafy stuff and pulverise it in our Jack La Lane Juice (Yes, he is still alive and lives by us in Morro Bay). So every morning I made a mixture of spinach, kale, Swiss chard, pear or apple, carrot and then a Myers lemon or tangerine. I felt great the first week, then it gave me horrible heartburn, then it made me nauseous. Dr. said it was a weird reaction to such good food and to follow up each glass with a protein. So I would poach an egg with coconut oil and eat it up. It worked for about 3 weeks, then I started getting a “Kool-aid” smile around my mouth. It was hideous. So I stopped juicing figuring I had over done it on the citrus.

Then one night I ate sushi (which I do at least once a week) and the next morning, “Kool-aid” smile–again. I threatened to commit suicide if I was allergic to sushi. So I laid off raw fish for three weeks and got the “Kool-aid” smile again, after a regular mea of pasta and chickenl!!!

But each time it gets worse, my eyes puff up, I can’t breath, my pulse quickens. Just what the hell is going on!!!

So last night we went to my favorite restaurant, The Cass House in Cayucos. The chef there is a genius! I have never had food this good, interesting, subtle and perfect. (and that saying a lot from someone who has been a food critic to 4 years.) I start with Naan Bread, hummus, tahini and Gary has a garden salad. He used small rice cakes for croutons and put vanilla in the vinaigrette, amazing!
Second course was raw oysters, with a pomegranate/ponzo sauce. Wow! Then we had calamari, lightly seared with a piccatta sauce. That’s when my pulse started racing and my “Kool-aid” smile reared its ugly head through my make-up. I popped a benedryl and finished the meal with risotto cake with 4 different kinds of mushrooms, Gary had a seafood bouillabaisse with clam, mussels, lobster knuckle and local caught sea bass.

I know everything in this meal is on the “allergic” list, but WTF!

So today I am pouring over my bible “The Prescription for Nutritional Healing” book, it says avoid everything. “Kool-aid” smile is pissed- I can’t be a food critic and be allergic to food!!!! Can’t Can’t Can’t Can’t!!!!!!!
Shit, but the food was amazing at the Cass House and if you live on the Central Coast, The Cass House is the BEST food anywhere!!! You’ve got to try it.

So I am loading up today on garlic, Allegra, Acidophilus, fish oil, Emergency, B complex, and raw adrenal to help me through this nightmare. I’m Going to spend all day working on my website and finding my new carrer. Ohh website is, but it is still under construction.

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