French Impressionists

Quick first impression Parisian story. I got to my train 22 minutes before departure, not reading I had to be there 30 minutes before. They would not let me on- said I was late.  I went to switch the ticket to 12:22 train. They sent me to a line. A stern ponytailed lady proceeded over the late goers. 

There were two people in front of me. 
1. Said she slept in and the alarm clock did not go off. Ponytail said no. Being late was not a good enough excuse. No train. 
2. Lady said she was late because she was stuck in traffic. A stern no. No train. 
My turn- I told her my lover would not let me go. He wanted one more ravaging. She smiled and happily changed my ticket.
@Aaron Metchik- that improve training is working on many levels. 
#ILoveParis #ThinkingLikeTheNatives