Grumpy Teri – Good Employees

Grumpy, Grumpy, Grumpy and in soooo much pain I am ready to take off everyone’s head who comes within shooting distance. Could be the cleansing, the remodeling, sharing the bathroom with the husband or just the damn cold weather (I know that low 50’s is not chilly for most the world, but I’m freezing my ass off). My bones ache, my stomach gurgles and I can’t sleep. All I want to do is jump on a plain to the Caribbean.

I am blessed to have to extraordinary and talented young ladies who run my businesses. These young girls do the work of 8 people with a smile on their faces. They are mature, make good decisions about my businesses and treat my customers like royalty. As long as I let them get stoned on their break, they are fine. It used to make me uncomfortable –but now I see that it helps with certain types of work. I have had my share of rotten, self absorbed, shrouded in a sense of entitlement employees, but I threw their scrawny asses out.

Maybe that is what I should do to help my health, start smoking ganja everyday. It will certainly make me care less about the pain. But if memory serves me, it makes me really paranoid. When my sister was dying, she got a prescription for Mary Jane to help with her pain, appetite and attitude. Plus it was fun teaching my mom to load a bong. As we had to help her smoke, she was too weak to sit up. I hear they make the kind that doesn’t get you paranoid, but I have to get a prescription to get it from a pot store. Being in a data base, makes me paranoid. Pot is legal in California, but not with the Fed’s, I don’t want no G men breathing down my back. I going to take a pain pill, eat Taco Bell and drink a bottle of wine. If that doesn’t make me feel better, I’ll make an appointment with Dr. Feel Good.