Home Improvement and PMS

Puppies are the only thing that is going to help!!

Cleansing/fasting and home improvement do not mix. Then you add in PMS and someone’s gonna die. I awoke groggy this morning from the multitude of pain pills I took yesterday to three men at my house awaiting instruction. Painter wanted to know which wall was chocolate, landscaper wanted to know which of my plants to kill and construction guy wanted to know if I really wanted the tile ripped out of the downstairs bathroom. All before coffee, all before my juicing, Hell I didn’t even have a bra on!

Husbands having his monthly melt down, so he grumbled at me too about contacts scratching his eyes, credit scores, and dog shit. Now in my wretched pain state where I just want to sit in a corner and cry, I gotta figure out why “he” is so unhappy!

I’m planning my escape to Grenada. Jumping on a sailboat and never coming back. I’m to pissed off to even eat and that’s bad.

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  1. Dina

    Oh my god, those are some cute puppies!

    Sorry everything is stressful, it’ll even out soon.

  2. twinkelydots

    Take more drugs.
    Drink more rum.
    Give husband Midol.

    Give me puppies.

  3. G. Harrison

    Hi Teri,

    Thanks for your visit to It Strikes. Your comment suggests you maintain a sense of humour whenever possible.

    I support twinkely dots second bit of advice; keep the rum toddy in the slow cooker if it’s s long reno.



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