Human resources at its finest!

Employees SUCK! I have been a boss for most my adult life and there are times I want to kill those people I write a weekly check too. Somehow, I always am sucked into their lives, dramas, and problems. Then I know too much and I am not as hard on them. They become people and not just tools. I like them better as inanimate objects that help me make money.

I finally have some momentum on my writing; website almost done, novel off to editors, producers finally settled on the ages of the kids in the screenplays, Video projects booked. This is me loving life. Then the employees start to revolt.

Two of them became roommates, a big mistake, I told them at the time. They are now at war. Problem is, my kind of business is completely service orientated, so wars means less customers, less customers, means less money and now I can’t pay my editor or web master.

I was highly emotional today and almost fired everyone. My husband insisted that I stay at home and calm down. So I’m texting, blogging, and twittering about the suckage of my staff. He can keep me home, but can’t keep me quiet!

I long for the day I can replace everyone with a computer. When it acts up, reboot. When it quits being effective, replace. I never gave a shit who my laptop was dating. Or maybe we can train dogs to wait on people. I would much rather give my dog a weekly paycheck. At least I know he is not spending all his money on Ganja.