I am Allergic to WINE!! We are going to need a second opinion!!

What a suckie day. Shaky and weird from Benadryl, lips on fire and only olive oil will cool them down which may taste fine drizzled on lettuce, but not so much on your lips every 5-minutes. I been swallowing whole garlic gloves all day to purge this (which means I am unkissable for about a week). No one to talk to but the dog and even he is ignoring me.

Plus I can’t eat anything!! And this is the last week of Restaurant Month which is a county wide promotion where all the high end restaurants do a prix-fix menu for only $30. I usually eat out every night to get as many reviews as I can (I try to eat at each restaurant 3 times before I review it) and it can get EXPENSIVE, but during January I get the same quality at a fixed price! WHOOO!!. But no, my body had to rebel, stupid uncooperative shit.

I going to will this illness away, I swear I am. Doctor thinks it is sulfites. Do you know where sulfites are found……IN WINE!!! I am a certified wino. I spend more money on wine than I do my clothes and car. This just won’t do. Gary is afraid of what I will be like off the wine—it will be like releasing a tiger. Oh Well, at least Nip Tuck is on tonight. The most twisted, bizarre show out there, I love it! But I love it with wine, I wonder if anything is going to be the same without wine. Maybe I am really a Lesbian or a cook!

Just heard Trader Joe’s has sulfite free wine, jumping in the car to buy a case right now!