I Love Sundays!

Don’t hate me because my weather is beautiful. Got up this morning and went in the ocean, its around 73 degrees here. Clear beautiful beach weather. The dog surfed some waves and then came home for pancakes. I love the Sunday traditions, Gary makes pancakes, Tripper gets to lick the bowl or the counter if the batter was spilled and Gary was to lazy to wipe it off (see Picture).

We are off to Avila, to let Tripper surf some more, eat raw oysters (food allergies be damned) and Albacore sashimi, drink champagne and bask in the sunshine, after we will soak in the Hot Mineral Springs. The water is pumped straight from the ground up to the pool at 106 degrees, it heals everything. Good I love Sundays. I’ll write more of our adventures tonight.

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  1. twinkelydots

    Keep taunting those allergies and they’re going to do more than make you have a kool-aide smile.

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