It’s Always rains in California!

It’s Saturday and raining. Buckets of the stuff, something that rarely happens in Pismo Beach. When I first moved her from the snow bound mountains and took the California driver test, one of the questions was what to do when it rains?
1. Slow down
2. Drive faster to out run the rain drops
3. Pull over and wait for the rain to stop
4. Do not drive in the rain unless it is an emergency

I picked number 1, but I was wrong. The correct answer for California weenies is #4. I almost didn’t past the test because of this. I argued with the automaton DMV employee and said how I took my driving test in 4 feet of snow, but thems is the rules in the land of sunshine.

So now that I am a weather weenie, I went to farmers market, and complained like everyone else about the water spots (drizzling), bought my produce for the week but had to go without my weekly bouquet of flowers. I have gotten into the habit of buying myself roses and exotic flowers each week. I have long given up on my husband buying me romantic flowers, so I treat myself. He loves the flowers; I place yellow roses and jasmine on his nightstand so his first sight in the morning is beauty (and then me). However, because of a stupid Hallmark induced holiday coming up next week (Valentines Day) my roses are twice the price. Even the lilies from the fields, otherwise referred to as weeds are now $20 a bunch.

I went to Long’s instead and bought a bottle of Herradura tequila. On this rainy afternoon, I am making stew, rice and beans and soup for the week ahead, listening to the minstrel show on NPR, and drinking good tequila. Loving the rain. Looking like I gonna survive without my flowers.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Teri,
    What a busy lady you are. Love your posts. Lots of energy and humour.

  2. twinkelydots

    T guess tequilla is ok?

    Missing you!

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