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I take my Grands to school a couple of days each week. There is a one-hour time difference between when I drop off the boy at the middle school and when I drop off the girl at her school. 

 Bell and I have embarked on a social food experiment. Every morning we try a different bakery/juice/coffee shop. And every morning, she makes at least three new friends. 
 In the short time, we’ve been doing this, we realized a couple of things. 
#1 there are a lot of early morning food choices. 
 #2 each of them has its own counterculture. 
 I’ll be doing a recap weekly. We judge them in terms of food, atmosphere, and Wow factor (how many people talk to Bell). 
In my first installment – I want to start saying with Joy that Joy is bringing more Joy than the other bean or pulp slingers. Joy is a juice, healthy food, everything gloriously good-for-you shop in downtown Shell Beach. The bright blue building welcomes you, as do the happy employees. 
We started with the gluten-free waffles, topped with almond butter, granola, fresh strawberries, blueberries, and real maple syrup. I was overjoyed at how good this waffle was. In fact, I will be happy to say it is the best waffle I’ve ever had. 
Next, we tried the Acai Bowl, and I can honestly say I’ve gone back and gotten one of these every day since! They contain frozen Acai fruit topped with shredded coconut, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, and Ocean Ranch granola. It’s more like an ice cream sundae than a healthy treat. My granddaughter had the Dragon Chaser smoothie with apple juice, dragon fruit, and banana. She loved it and swore she didn’t know dragons grew fruit! 
 I returned for lunch with my girlfriends, and we had the Avocado Waffle, savory goodness, The Power Bowl, and an Elvis smoothie. Overloaded with stuff I’ve never heard before, but that is so good for you and tastes delectable. 
We chatted with the owner, who freely gave away recipes, secrets of where she got the crunchy granola, and her Joy. 
If I lived in Shell Beach, I’d go here every day for the organic pressed juices. And those waffles. Those waffles are damn good. Get yourself some Joy!