Long Live Skippy

Okay there is one item on my list of things I’m not supposed to eat while I do this cleanse that I find I cannot do without and that’s, peanut butter. Nearly everyday of my life, peanut butter has been a calming, ever present source of nutrition and joy. On the first day of school wrapped in wax paper encased in my Bobby Sherman lunch box was a peanut butter sandwich. It was a reminder of home and that at some point I would be released from the stressful alphabet learning confinement and return to my Grandma’s loving embrace (also the only place where I would go potty, making it a LONG day.)

Peanut butter helped me thru my first camp out with the Brownie troop into the nearby woods. Afraid of giant moths, I was nearly paralyzed when the sun went down and the lantern flicker and swayed as the behemoths attacked our only source of light.My heart shape sandwich filled with peanuty essence calmed me down.

Peanut butter has been the one constant in my life. When I was in the circus and too poor to buy real meat, peanut butter was my only source of protein thru the entire state of Texas. It was the only food my children didn’t hurl at me when they first tried it, unlike the green pea mask I got used to wearing.

Now, THEY, some stupid book, say it’s bad for me. That I should substitute almond or sunflower butter. They all taste like paste compared to my Skippy. And they don’t warm my heart. My heart is very cool with all this juicing and avoiding wine.

Husband and I always fight about which is better, Jif or Skippy. Every time we are in the grocery store, he grabs one, I the other. He is a smooth man, I like mine super crunchy. He refuses to let me buy both (as if we are too poor to buy two kinds of peanut butter). If I lose the battle in the store I sneak back and buy it later (like a smoker trying to quit).

It butters my toast each morning, makes a great way to get a big pill down a dog’s throat, and comforts me. I won’t do without my peanut butter. Guess I just won’t be perfect cleansed. (I never thought that was possible anyway).I’m naturally dirty.

What to do with an empty bottle of Skippy!

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  1. Anonymous

    What do you mean you’re okay with juicing and skipping wine…have you gone mad woman?! If my doctor went insane and told me I couldn’t have more than one glass of wine a day —I’d buy a bigger glass. In my book, and it’s filled with my personal rules, it’s not a meal without wine.
    Your friend, Kathy

  2. twinkelydots

    Get thee to Whole Foods & pick up a jar of ROASTED almond butter. It's the most decadent food I know. STeve & I went thru a jar in 3 days.

    BTW: no peanuts butter because peanuts have a HUGE HUGE HUGE amount of mold. Yes. Mold.

  3. Dakota

    Yum. Super crunchy peanut butter. Have you tried the Skippy Honey Roasted Crunchy?

  4. Teri Bayus

    No Whole Foods in this po-dunk place. You say mold like its a bad thing.

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