MO’s Smokehouse BBQ – Pismo Beach & SLO


This time of year when the temperatures swell, but the beaches remain a gift to those who reside her; I like to take my lunches in downtown Pismo Beach and then head for the beach to dig sandcastles. Now that I have my grandson as my daytime dining companion, I have an excuse everyday to go to the beach, where the seagulls preach and play in the sand and surf.  My grandson has a discerning palate at 13 months and really likes BBQ.  He grabs on to the ribs with his pudgy hands and chews them down to the bone with his seven teeth.  He is a fan of Mo’s BBQ. This boy has style and loves the sweet cornbread with honey butter and I agree. 

Mo’s BBQ has been one of my favorite rib spots since I discovered we shared a love of the Rendezvous Ribs in Memphis Tennessee. They do ribs right; Mo’s Memphis Pork Ribs is my favorite and the “The House Specialty.” They are tender and flavorful rack of ribs, smoked using real hickory and BBQ sauce, and then sprinkled with sweet vinegar and Memphis dry rub. They fall off the bone into your mouth. They are served with sweat cornbread muffin and honey butter, coleslaw and baked beans. It is the best ribs this side of the Mississippi.
Mo’s does BBQ chicken and beef ribs along with some great tri-tip sandwiches. They have big ole salads for people not wanting to eat half a pig. Their Chipotle Lime Tacos are perfectly made and mouth-watering. They contain tender chicken marinated in an incredible combination of pineapple juice, chipotle, oregano, and garlic then charbroiled, and served on two flour tortillas with shredded cabbage, tomatoes, cilantro, and a sweet and spicy cream. My favorite is the Killer Garlic fries. A heap of small cut crispy French fries covered in garlic, parmesan cheese, and spices. They are so good, we fight over them.  

Mo’s was the brainchild of restaurant veteran, who decided to open a real barbecue restaurant. He traveled 3,500 miles across the country through the barbecue belt – visiting 10 states and over 80 barbecue restaurants. He got recipes, tips, techniques, advice, instructions, and one heck of a lot of inspiration. He came home with the greatest recipes for beans, onion rings, coleslaw, pork ribs, pulled pork sandwiches, sweet potato pie. I love these people in this part of the country and would do that trip just for the culinary exploration.

On the walls at Mo’s they have unique photos of cooks, meat smokers, and BBQ joints along with stories of the owners. They have opened up locations in Huntington Beach and Chico along with their Central Coast locations and are looking to open more. 

Mo’s locations are in Pismo Beach on 221 Pomeroy and on 1005 Monterey in San Luis Obispo. Check out there menu, awards and BBQ sauce for sale on line at