My Own Bucket List

I am cleaning out every nook and cranny in my house because of the remodel, and finding interesting matter. In a box tucked way toward the back in my closet, I find my most precious treasures.

My blown glass container that was supposed to hold my sister’s ashes that we picked out together when she was alive. It is empty because my half brother decided to steal her ashes (it’s a long story and in my book). Love notes written on sugar packets promising eternal love from my husband, my children’s teeth now in hundreds of pieces. My Nana’s favorite broach and the Yahtzee pencil we used to keep score with, my grandpa’s pocket watch (not as precious as the one from Pulp Fiction), my uncles stick that he used to beat a bird with (it was a mean bird) and a check from my daughter for five million dollars. The most important find was written in red ink on the back of a business card (I was a sales manager for three radio stations at the time) labeled my DBID List.

My DBID List (Do Before I Die otherwise known as a Bucket List from the popular movie staring my friend, Morgan Freeman), was written in 1989. At that point I had already spent 5 years traveling on the road as a trapeze artist with the Flying Valencia’s, given birth to two beautiful children, ruined a marriage, lost my best friend to a Hydro-planning UPS truck, been a cocktail waitress and then the first woman bartender at a casino, bought a house from a guy that didn’t own it, adopted a foster child, was in extensive therapy and a single mom. I didn’t have time for much, but I still wanted more. More adventure, intrigue, and excitement. I made a list of seemly impossible things that I had to do before I die. Now looking at it 20 years later, I am surprised and quite pleased at what I have done. Here is the list:

Meet Jimmy Buffett
Sky Dive
Go inside a volcano
Be in and write a movie
Buy an island
Own a race horse
Take a year off work
Go to Greece
Take a trip around the world
Become a pilot
Swim with dolphins
Swim with whales
Own a radio station
Go on an exotic cruise
Own a sea plane
Read the whole bible
Stay at the Beverly Hills Hotel
Spend a month in New York, seeing a play every night
Spend 3 months on a sailboat
Live at the beach

I feel happy and sated that so much has been unconsciously accomplished. I going to make a new list and get going!

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  1. Anonymous

    You’re one amazing woman!

  2. D

    tell me again why are fixing your life? LOL

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