My Pismo Beach Quiz

See if your personality matches with those that dwell at the beach. Are you really a beach bum or pretending to be one while basking in our warm weather and unfettered beaches. Just because you have a Pismo Beach California address does not mean you have a California State of Mind.

1. What is a Bako
a. Tourist that needs to be shot
b. Someone who wears Uggs and Daisy Duke Shorts
c. A person who lives in the Central Valley
d. All apply

2. What do you do at Splash?
a. Swim
b. Eat award winning clam chowder
c. Use squirt guns
d. Watch tide pools

3. What is Kook?
a. Someone who can’t surf but is out there in the waves any way
b. A comedian
c. A tide pool creature
d. An escapee from Atascadero Mental Hospital

4. What is decorated each holiday in a different outfit?
a. Our mayor
b. The local post office
c. Huge clams residing on the side of the road
d. Our dogs

5. What is a set time?
a. What time the band starts
b. Time between waves
c. Time that all hairdressers start work
d. A movie term

6. What do you do at Comp Hill?
a. Compliment each other
b. Plant trees
c. Race ATV’s and lifted trucks
d. A competition on a wave

7. What is sand highway?
a. The sand trail that follows you after walking on the beach
b. A highway that leads to the beach
c. A road in the sand dunes that you drive on
d. A beach toy

8. Who is Giuseppe?
a. Gepetto’s Dad
b. Owner of the Italian eatery in Pismo
c. Guy who makes surf boards
d. A surf term that means your boards too cheesy

9. How do you say goodbye in Pismo?
a. Audi-5000
b. See ya
c. See ya
d. Bah-bye

10. What is Yogi-Bearen?
a. Barring your bottom at the beach
b. Stealing whole ice chests from RVer’s
c. Name of bear that is Pismo Mascot
d. A baseball coach

11. What is a Dunite?
a. A bunch of people who lived in the Dunes in 1920’s
b. A person who comes with ATV’s to ride in the Pismo Dunes
c. A local who regularly has bonfires at the beach
d. all of the above

12. What is the name of the Annual Festival?
a. The beers so good here we Piz-mo
b. Pismo Beach, home of Bugs Bunnies the right turn
c. The Clam Festival
d. Surf Days

13. What is a Grommet?
a. Hole that keeps banners in place
b. Young Surfer
c. A part of your jeans
d. All of the above

14. What is Harry’s?
a. Beach Bar
b. Tide Pool
c. Cool T-shirt shop
d. A kind of taffy

15. What is surfer butt?
a. A cigarette smoking beach bum
b. A mean surfer
c. That peak of a behind that is seen when surfer is removing wetsuit while towel is wrapped around their waist
d. A seaside creature

16. What is a snowy plover?
a. Stupid little bird that makes nest in tire tracks
b. An endangered bird that is afraid of kites
c. A huge battle with environmentalist vs. dunites
d. All of the above

17. What is “Mobbin’ it”
a. Joining the Pismo Mob
b. Eating at the Mob restaurant
c. Driving your car into the Dunes
d. Throwing kisses to the mobs on the beach

18. What is Pirates Cove?
a. A place where pirate treasure was found
b. A shell shop
c. Barring your smile at the beach
d. A nude beach

19. What is blown out?
a. A hairstyle technique
b. When the winds take the top off the waves
c. A way to get ushered out of town
d. A sea creature

20. What is a paddle tire?
a. A way to paddle thru waves
b. A bulging mid-drift from too tight jeans
c. A special tire used on ATV’s and Motorcycles to ride in the sand dunes
d. A way to dig in the sand

21. What is Mail Plus?
a. The best place to buy stamps
b. Home of a mean red head
c. Gossip central of Pismo Beach
d. All of the above

Answer Key:

1. D
2. B
3. A
4. C
5. B
6. C
7. C
8. B
9. A
10. B
11. D
12. C
13. D
14. A
15. C
16. D
17. C
18. D
19. B
20. C
21. D

If you got more than 15 right:
You not only live here in body, but also in mind. You are an indisputable Beach Bum who uses and enjoys living in paradise. More than likely you where “Miss Clam” when you where 13 years old and learned to drive on the beach in your Dad’s old truck. You worked at Old West Cinnamon Roll’s or Splash at one point in your life. Your senior pictures were done at the beach and your child learned to paddle a surf board before he walked.

If you got more than 9 right:
You spend weekends and summers in Pismo Beach, but haven’t absorbed the lifestyle. You need to rent an ATV and spend every night watching the sunset on the pier and take some surfing or boogie boarding lessons. Move from the big city and come live the good life!

Less than 5 right:
You are a Poser! You may live here or visit here, but you don’t get it!

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  1. Rae Osenbaugh

    Teri- That’s a great quiz! I even knew some of the answers! I’m moving back to Pismo this year after being gone for 40 years…
    -Rae in Nebraska

  2. Anonymous

    haha.. hell yea…. i got all but three of them right… for kids now of days you might want to add something about the tree the square or the lot lol…

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