Penny’s All American Café

Restaurants who have become a staple in a town bring a sense of community and connectedness to all who eat there. We sometimes forget them when trying all the latest eateries, but then the accolades start pouring in and you remember- this is a place that I can get a consistently great meal every time, and back you go. Penny’s All American Café is one of my favorites for the cooking, the camaraderie and just to listen to Penny laugh (the most infectious sound in the universe). For 10 years, Penny and her family have been serving the best breakfast and charbroiled burgers in Pismo Beach and doing some amazing fundraisers for our community. From the “Pancake Eating Contest” to the “Breast Cancer Dance Party” Penny puts her passion into helping those in need, while having a blast doing it all.
I go there first and foremost for the breakfast. Her blueberry pancakes are so virtuous; I have to sneak in to eat them (my husband believes he is the only and best “pancaker”). Equally as tasty are the Biscuit and Gravy. Using spicy sausage made by Andy Anderson and house made Buttermilk biscuits; these savory treats are the definition of comfort food. The Eggs Benedict is exquisite. The hollandaise has a lemony appeal, the ham steak is cut to just the right thickness, the egg yoke explodes when cut through (as it should) and the English muffin is lightly toasted with the tasty home fries. It is amazing how good this dish is when it is prepared correctly. Penny’s prepares breakfast chow impeccably.
This visit was for the purpose of trying the award winning Chili Verdi, as Penny’s All American Café had just won first place in the Arroyo Grande Rotary Chili Cook-off. Prepared and perfected by cook/chef Amado, this delectable pork dish was now wrapped in tamale with chili verdi inside and layered over the top. I ordered a plate, intending to take it home, but it was so delicious, I ate every bite. Served with a spicy Spanish rice and exquisitely stewed beans, I was in ecstasy. My companion (Izic who at 3-years-old is Penny’s chief devotee) ordered the fried chicken. He has loved this dish since he was a baby and his picture hangs on the wall devouring a drumstick. I love the chicken as much with its dusted buttermilk and breadcrumb coating and then half-baked and finished in the fryer for a less greasy taste and more flavor. It is served with scrumptious mashed potatoes and steamed asparagus with a buttermilk biscuit. This is the perfect all American meal served with a smile.
Penny was telling me about her upcoming annual Breast Cancer fundraiser that this year will be held at the Pismo Beach Vets Hall on October 12 at 5:00pm. She has been doing this for seven years and last year raised over $7200 for the Jacqualyn Palchak Cancer Fund that is the only local breast cancer fund that provides research, support, consultation, and wellness programs to those with a cancer diagnosis. The dance party is called Penny’s Steppin’ Out for Breast Cancer, which features the locally loved band, Steppin’ Out along with a hearty meal, drinks, roulette wheel, raffles and silent auction. I have been to these parties and they are the most fun I have had at a fundraiser. Penny always does special prizes (this year it is for the most “Pink” costume) and her husband Dale does a stand up routine that will leave your sides splitting.
Penny’s is a perfect little diner that will never disappoint as the chow is prepared and served with friendliness and attention to detail. Penny’s All American Café is located at 1053 Price Street in Pismo Beach; you can visit them at www.pennysallareican.comor call (805) 773-3776. They are open from 7:00 am until 2:00 pm everyday.
7th Annual Breast Cancer Benefit will be on October 12, 2013 starting at 5:00 pm at the Veteran’s Hall in Pismo Beach. Tickets are $45 that includes a beverage, raffle ticket and dinner plate in addition to access to all the nights’ festivities.  For further inquires regarding Penny’s All American Café or to participate in the event please contact Penny at (805) 773 – 3776 or email