Sleeping Beauty

I am sleeping like a fairy tale princess these days. I go to bed early and still sleep in until almost 10:00 AM. My doctor says it is part of my healing process. On one hand I love all the time dreaming and laying between my big feather comforters, on the other, I feel like I am missing half the day. The best part about it is my husband gets up when regular humans do and leaves me love notes for when I wake up. I live for the sticky-notes of affection. I got them all saved and someday will make a collage of them to frame and hang to remind myself not to kill him during December.

I’m loving writing this blog and exploring the “blog sphere” I found a lady who is writing for her Siberian Huskie, which just cracks me up. But Dakota and me (a weird coincidence because our Malamute was named Dakota) have a lot in common. We both like Jimmy Buffett and howling. My current dog learned to howl from the Northern breeds (we had two Siberians and a Malamute) and now howls at fire engines and when my daughter comes over and yells “Mom”! It makes my ears hurt too, so I howl along with him.

I went to farmers Market this morning and juiced fresh beets, kale, New Zealand spinach, apples, tangerines and two garlic cloves. WOOO- the garlic is strong. But Dr. says I have a better chance of getting off the Benadryl and getting my real face back (my current one is ultra puffy) if I fast and juice. Fasting means no food. That’s gotta be a joke. How can I survive without eating? I’m a mammal, one who is fond of chewing. So they are taking away my wine, my food and leaving me with green juice that tastes like grass no matter what I add to it. I should be good and bitchy by this weekend. Poor husband.

Funny quote for the day:
Dear Lord,
I pray for Wisdom to understand my man; Love to forgive him; And Patience for his moods. Because, Lord, if I pray for Strength, I’ll beat him to death.