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SLO Local Playing Tourist

Mr. Bayus’s celebrated me by playing tourist in San Luis Obispo. We parked in the big garage on Marsh and walked around.
We stopped first at Sheila Kearns Chocolate & Confections and tried for the first time chocolate hibiscus. Her store is as if you stepped into Paris. Gary’s wants to live there.
Then we found a book binding shop that ended up being an escape room facility. Puzzle Break – Escape Room Experiences. Then an ax throwing place Battle Axe-Slo. Can’t wait to try those with the Grands.
On to Turkish Delights at Lokum Turkish Delight. Everything is beautiful and delicious. My favorite was the saffron. Gary left with a box.
Then we moved to Park 1039 for champagne and charcuterie. I love the outdoor parklet for people watching. We scooted up to the Mission Roller rink pop up. We swerved to tunes spun by Adam Montiel.
Then to the The Palm Theatre to watch Everything Everywhere All At Once. This epic movie is a must see. It’s funny, poignant, weird, alternative and filled with metaphors and astounding martial arts.
Next stop was Ox + Anchor for Baked Alaska. While the ice cream sparkled. I had a glass of Pinot.
Our final stop was Giuseppe’s Cucina Rustica. We had the chanterelle mushrooms, lasagna and scampi. We both remarked on how refreshing it is to have real service and constantly delectable food. I’ve done all the cooking for the last 2 years- I’m not tip worthy.
If you haven’t been to Downtown SLO lately- Go! It was like we went on a small vacation. #LocalYocal #trysomethingNew #slowliving #besthusbandever