Social Media vs TV- It is a generation thing, Right?

A Generation Lost

Everyone over the age of 40 is getting down on social media communities continuously examining their phones.
My comment to you is how is that any different (or worse) than your insistence to have TV on ALL FUCKING DAY. It is loud, intrusive and obnoxious. At least we choose what we visit and interact with whom we choose. You are being spoon fed whatever the advertising, media outlet or Koch Brothers want you to believe. There is no interaction, no feedback from you – just slurping horror and crime down your brain gullets 24/7.
The TV is on all the time, in every room. You don’t shut it off when visitors come over. You don’t shut if off when someone calls. You don’t EVER shut it off. It is always in the background poisoning your mind.  They are in every restaurant, bar, gym, trains, airports, banks and even the stores, there is no reprieve from the giant squawk box. It is spewing hate, fear and loathing from plastic morons with modified faces and you believe every word.
All this viewing has made you paranoid, mean spirited and stifled your creativity.
At least our social interaction is quite, self-directed and contains many funny cat videos.

Next time you go to complain about the youth doing this:
Look at your own habits of doing this:

Turn your damn TV’s OFF!!! 
(I will quit updating my Facebook status- right after I post this.)
Your writing assignment today- Turn off the TV all day and write a letter to someone you love. Make it positive and full of possibility and maybe a cute kitten picture.