Congratulations on making magic and for blowing the doors off last year’s conference attendance! You worked tirelessly behind the scenes for many months and you let nothing dampen your contagious laughter and passion. You also know how to honor your volunteers. You are a rare gem, my friend! #ccwc2016 #rockstardirector

~Becky Mosgofian

Hi Teri,

Thanks again for allowing us to be a part of the Central Coast Writer’s Conference. It was an amazing event and you did an awesome job putting it on. While at the conference I asked several of the speakers what they thought of the event. It was awesome to hear that everyone I asked loved it. Better yet, the majority of them said it is the best conference they have been to. You rock it Teri.

Thanks again Teri,

~Justin Couto – SoCreate

First of all, GREAT JOB!! Everyone I talked to was having a fun, productive time. It’s hard to pull off something that complicated as seemingly smoothly as you did. Well done!

Again, great job and if there’s any way I can help in the future please don’t hesitate to ask.



Thank you so much, Teri Bayus, for this spectacular review you wrote for us in the Tolosa press! We cannot stress enough how much it means to us when we get to read about such a pleasant experience at our restaurant.

We can tell you have a rather exquisite palate by the excellent food choices you and Gary made! It elates us to know you both enjoyed your dishes so much. Chef Nicola truly is an adept artisan of the culinary arts, and we love it when one of our awesome patrons takes note of all that he does to make the dining experience at Mistura so extraordinary.

Once more we would like to reiterate how thankful we are for this glaring review that you wrote for us, Teri! Your feedback is so valuable to us. We hope to see you again soon at Mistura, and we hope you have a wonderful day!

~Chef Nicola

What an incredible Central Coast Writers Conference. Thanks to Teri Bayus, these past two days were filled with extremely talented speakers & amazing information for each of us to take & utilize in our writing endeavors. Feather made herself quite comfortable with the very talented Nancy Holder & Linda Perret, who shares talent & writing with her father, Gene Perret. I am so blessed that I was able to attend this fantastic conference & listen to this most talented panel on writing.

~Destry- Attendee

I’ve been to 3 writing conferences and this one was by far, the best. The highlight for me was meeting and casually chatting with published authors. The participants were also so fun-loving and interested in each other. It made for some lively conversations that informed and inspired. My favorite breakouts were the ones with overheads, handouts and a steady stream of information. Eldonna Edwards on “Truth be Told” comes to mind and Linda Perret on “Starting and Finishing Your Non-Fiction Book”. Wish I could have attended many more. Next time for the fun of it, will check out the screen writing blocks. Not just writers but anyone who reads would enjoy this conference. Thanks!

~Trish- Attendee

Amazing! Great speakers and information! Everyone was super nice and so very helpful. I finally feel like I will be able to finish my novel with all of the help I received. This is really a must for any writer.

~Marrisa- Attendee

Great info that I couldn’t get anywhere else, lots of informal time to chat with agents and authors. Super fun improv class with Aaron Metchik where we did an improv convo for two characters in my book! I’m definitely coming back next year.

~Victoria- Attendee

Enjoyed the @teribayus course Writing Your Story tonight. Such a charismatic presenter who nails making content entertaining!



Teri, I am in AWE of what I really found out about you today. I’ve alway’s known how smart and technology savvy you were. However, today I met with you because I’m in need (as every business owner should be) of help with all the advanced social media that one needs to be up on in order to attract business. You came with a schedule of what I need to do on a monthly basis, you showed me what I needed to do on which site’s, you made it so easy for me to say YES to the scary part of technology that I believe most people have when it comes to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Hootsuite, etc. You are putting this in action for me and teaching me to manage it myself which I believe is power in a world where this type of technology brings ton’s of questions and one can shy away for fear of not knowing where and whom to ask. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I feel empowered to go beyond where I never thought i’d go. I will be telling everyone about my experience with you…..

Lisa Albera- Lisa’s Skin Spa

To Teri Bayus, my humble apologies for not citing you in my inspirations. I WAS SOOOO EXCITED!!! Teri is a writer and teacher. I took a great class from her and have had a few correspondences that helped me immensely.

Allen Howard- Author

Last night I attended Teri Bayus’ class on Social Media for your Business. Wow! what a fast and furious good time. Lots of information, questions answered and ideas shared. Now I have to learn how to tweet. darn.

Nan Fowler- Nan’s Pre Owned Books

Congratulations on your excellent memoir presentation sponsored by LLCC Thursday. Liked your organizational skills. Loved the stories from your heart. So important, at this stage in my development, were your explicit details regarding security issues. I inquired in the recent past about this matter to other writers but didn’t get answers I needed. Many thanks and much success to you.

~Morgann T. Jack

Thanks for a very informative seminar, I now have new tools to work with and build my business!

Jim Delmore, Jimmy Bumps Pasta House

“I met Teri Bayus at a conference for the California Association of Business Brokers (CABB). She’s a true renaissance woman, with experience in everything from writing screenplays to being a business owner. I was immediately impressed with her passion for helping CABB to succeed. When she began working with CABB as its administrator, she tackled their annual conference with a focus I’ve rarely seen before in non-profit management. She secured many new vendors for their exhibitor showcase, and put the event in the black for the first time in years. But aside from the financial side, she truly connected with the people–I could see that she had so successfully cultivated those relationships that she was now friends with all the vendors, and she was sincerely concerned that the attendees’ experiences be the best possible.

Teri is a take-charge woman who always gets the job done. And she genuinely cares enough to make sure the job is done right, no matter what the personal cost. I regret that my time working with Teri was so short, and hope we can partner again in the near future!”

Melissa Dixon Account Manager at Smith Moore & Associates

“Teri Bayus is the most creative person I have ever known. She is also the rare individual who possesses the business acumen to put her creativity to good use. She has not failed me a single time and is the best partner I have ever worked with. No matter how complex the problem, she will always come up with a brilliant, elegant, and cost-effective solution. Her intelligence, skills and passion allows her to view solutions instead of problems. It’s amazing to know such a person. This quote from Anais Nin can only begin to describe Teri: she “writes to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

Gary Bayus, Prestige Business Sales

Teri B. is a powerhouse of energy, creativity, and ingenuity! A great teacher, a fantastic program. Can’t wait to have her back again!

Sharyl Heber, VP, SLO NightWriters

An 3 hour or weekend class with Teri Bayus could change your life for sure. As a teacher she has excellent content and provides a performance as well as a presentation. As a person, Teri has heart, moxey and is just plain fun to be around.

Judy Salamacha, Director of the Central Coast Writers’ Conference

I am planning on taking your advanced classes later this year. I really got an abundance of knowledge from your overview class.

Joe Thelin, CPA

I found your class very informative and interesting. I appreciate your insights and recommendations and always enjoy learning more ways to improve our online presence and expand my skills.

I look forward to the opportunity of attending more of your classes in the future.

Shari Pearl, Promotions

I wanted to thank you for your Workshop this weekend. I really enjoyed meeting you, and got a lot out of both events. You give me just the right mix of inspiration and reality.

I hope to be able to keep in touch with you, attend future events or otherwise pick your brain – and resources!

Thanks so much again.

Tia Araminta

It was brilliant, thank you for a fun evening!

Andrea Chmelik

The “Writing and Selling Your Script” session was an awesome (and motivational) way to kick last weekend off! Thanks for sharing your experience and advice. As a writer struggling to find a way to allocate more time to the craft of writing, these types of events and discussions help to focus one’s mind and soul on the reality that there is, in fact, a world of screenplay writing out there waiting to be joined. But it starts with writing something, then adding consistency. So I’m off to get at it. Thanks again!

Justin Schwartzenberger

Hi, We just finished reading your review, and we would both like to know how do you describe eggs benedict? You were over the top!! We are ready to drive to Avila and get those eggs benedict! Your Dad’s mouth is watering over the Bloddy Mary’s, and I would kill for a Mai Tai!!! You are so wonderful!!! I loved the review on Die hard, I had no intention of seeing it, but your dad wanted to, I think maybe now he has second thoughts, because he does respect your opinion. Every time we think about going to the show, your Dad ask me how you reviewed it. Thank you for making our day! We love and miss you,

Love Mom & Dad
(even my parents like me)


Hi Teri

I wanted you to know that you are an excellent, informative, entertaining teacher. I love your style!


Debbie Bailey

That was the BEST event Saturday night ! The Taste Of Nipomo was amazing. And so well organized for a first time event.

I am in total awe of what an incredible job you did, how beautiful everything was and how much fun everyone had supporting the YMCA and Nipomo High School.
Thank you from the bottom of our collective hearts.

You outdid yourself.

You just created an exceedingly loyal fan.

With big gratitude,

Shannon Seifert
Santa Maria YMCA

Hi Teri,

Thank you for the great article on Schooners. We’re honored that you took the time to visit, and to write such a nice review. I spent some time on your blog, and enjoyed reading your unique life story. What a journey! Also, I may have to hire your husband sometime down the road, as we have some plans to expand into new areas after few years or so.

Thanks again for the tremendous review of Schooners – we’re humbled to be a part of the Dinner & A Movie article!

Take care,

Brendan Fritzsche, Owner, Schooners Wharf

“I would like to take a moment and acknowledge Mrs. Teri Bayus. Her full on work ethic; her unshakable commitment to the task-at-hand, and her inscrutable integrity have made me over the many years of having had the privilege of knowing and working with Teri, a proud fan, willing friend, and quite privileged to have had her enthusiastic and knowledgeable help to expand our professional business, and my political efforts in hopes of securing our local Federal 21st District Congressional seat, in 2004.

I am unable to say anything but supportive and constructive comments on behalf of Teri; her work for me, and my knowledge of her work for others. Most recently her amazing success as a result of her marketing and promotion of the Pismo Beach Chamber of Commerce’s annual Clam Festival, resulting in their best, biggest and most profitable Clam Festival ever.

There is no one I would prefer or recommend to trust my or anyone’s business promotional interests to, than Teri and her team.

I am confident that whoever is privileged to work with Teri, will not be disappointed.”

D.E. Regan, Ph.D.

“It is a joy working with Teri, the events we have helped her with have been organized and there was lots of communication. I look forward to working with her in the future!”

Will Barrow, President, Youth With A Mission Pismo Beach

“Over the past 12 months, I have had the privilege of working with Mrs. Teri Bayus on City of Pismo Beach and Pismo Beach Chamber of Commerce events and affairs.

The first was the “Taste of Pismo”. Where over the past three years, the event was a minor success consisting of 6 to 8 local wineries and a like amount of participating restaurants. As its chairman, I suggested increasing the event tent to twice the size of prior years and called upon Teri to fill the tent. Within a few short weeks of joining the event’s committee, Teri had secured commitments from 21 restaurants and 22 wineries. Her TV and news press coverage prior to the event drew twice the crowd than had ever attended and at a price per head far greater than prior “Taste of Pismo” charges. The event’s revenue stream jumped from little more than break even to a highly profitable local success story.

The second and far greater event was the annual Pismo Beach “Clam Festival”. I was but a worker under Teri’s Chairmanship and was privileged to be a participant in watching Teri take a former two day, lucky to break even event, into a three-day highly successful and financially rewarding project. Her creative genius added a Friday evening, local business supported wine walk. Saturday’s Chowder competition, Surf Music (6 bands), Surfing contests and many new fun competitions, along with over 120 vendors, bringi~g in a record crowd in spite of Hwy 101 being closed due to a devastating automobile accident. Sunday’s weather brought a rare thunder storm and yet the visitors turned out for her “Champagne and Caviar on the Pier” event. This was a totally new project that Teri introduced to the “Clam Festival”. Again, her advertising and promotional skills turned the “Pismo Beach Annual Clam Festival” into a financially rewarding event for the local merchants, the area’s hotels and the Chamber of Commerce.

In my opinion, Mrs. Teri Bayus is magic in her approach, promotion and operational detail of carrying off major events.

Anthony E. Wells

“I want to take this opportunity to applaud the event coordinating ability of Teri Bayus. I attended The Taste of Pismo event that she planned this past year. The level of professionalism and service was fantastic. The success of an event such as this one is determined by the winery and restaurant selection. Teri was able to enlist some of the best in the county. We had a wonderful time, the food was fabulous and the wines were incredible. Teri also organized the 2010 Pismo Beach Clam Festival, a 3-day event. We had the pleasure of helping her with one of the venues during the weekend. She was very easy to work with, very professional, accessible and flexible. She worked tirelessly to make sure that everything came together smoothly … and it did. The event was a big success! We look forward to working with her again and attending her next event.”

Kathy Fissori – Just Ask Us Concierge

“I have worked with Teri Bayus on multiple events; from a three hour wine tastings to a three-day multi-facetted event. In each, her attention to detail was more than anticipated and amazingly thorough. She has the skill to procure sponsors, attract vendors and make each event a “must attend”. Her creative mind not only brought new life into events that had lost their luster, but found new revenue streams resulting in first time profits.

I was equally impressed by her ability to work and delegate to business owners, board members and a group of non-profit volunteers as I was with her consistent and precise business plan(s). Her weekly financial reporting is consistently precise and at the end of each event, her financials were up to date, immediately available to us and right on target. Recently, the chamber has called on Teri several times to put together events that were undercapitalized with very short lead time. She provided us with a clear business plan and I witnessed her mobilize her troops of volunteers, vendors and sponsors and carry off the event(s) with skill and finesse. When many thought it couldn’t be done, she virtually pulled off the impossible.

On another occasion, we found that a scheduled event had lost its funding source; in a span of 3 days she called on restaurants and wineries alike to step up and assist to allow the event to go on with only a few having knowledge of the near miss.

I would recommend Teri Bayus to run any event that you want to be exciting, well attended and profitable. She is worth every cent and more, as she brings a breath of fresh air.”

Suellen Iness
Owner, Abbey Home Loans, Inc

“Just one week after the creation of our Fan page on Facebook, I had over 200 fans. One day brought 3 new customers into the store to take advantage of a free offer that was posted on Twitter. It was now my staffs turn to turn them into repeat customers. I have never had a media campaign that worked so fast and so through.”

Cheré Valencia, Owner Mail Plus

“As a forward-thinking entrepreneur, it’s clear to me that Twitter is a must-use for any smart businessperson online. The approach can leverage the power of this incredible tool to brand and increase sales in an increasingly competitive world.”

Joseph Sugarman, Chairman & Founder, BluBlocker Sunglass Corporation and Book Author

“You’ve proven that Twitter Power isn’t just about making new connections to generate sales. It’s about brand building, focus groups, the exchange of ideas and the emotion of debate. All conducted in real time via computer, cell phone, pdas and perhaps even TV by the time you read this. When you add in the incredibly viral nature of Twitter, the possibilities are virtually endless.”

Dan Nickerson –