Thai Diva

Thai Diva in Grover Beach is a miraculous achievement in ethnic food. Sub-named “Angelic Cuisine” and they are not kidding. This is the best food I have had in this area. I have been systemically going down the menu and trying every dish and have loved everyone. There is no mediocrity here at all; everything is delicious, fresh, cooked perfectly, and heavenly.

Hard to say what my favorite is, but among my top dishes is the Pad King Sod, a dish that can be served with chicken or pork and has sliced young ginger sautéed in homemade sauce with onion, mushroom, and pepper. The Pad Himmaparn was unbelievable with a sweet and spicy sauce that Gary actually rang out the lettuce underneath to get some more sauce for his rice. It consists of spicy chili paste (but not hot) sautéed with roasted cashew nuts, onion, mushroom and bell pepper. This is what food in heaven must taste like.

Gary always starts with mango sticky rice, a Thai dessert that is one of my favorites too. The rice is soaked in coconut milk and paired with a sweet pealed mango. It makes you feel better when you are blue. Gary is crazy for the Curry’s, they have broth red and green and even a non-fat veggie curry, all so wonderful, he gets them to go and eats them for breakfast. His current favorite is the Panang Curry with a slight touch of peas and carrots in a coconut milk and sweet basil broth. He is also passionate for the Param with chicken, spinach, and cabbage served with peanut sauce.

I love Thai food, but tend to order the same dishes, Thai Dheva has made me step out of that mold and try new Thai flavors, and for that, I will always thank them. I have ventured into the seafood dishes and have had my mind blown away. Last night I did the Pla Sam Ros or Three Flavor Fish that was a piece of Mahi-Mahi deep fried and smothered in a homemade sauce that was sweet, spicy and sour. It was perfect, magnificent, and amazing. The Sweet Thai Salmon was superbly cooked and had a sauce that was like nothing I had ever tried before. My taste buds are still singing.

Everyone must try this place. Trust me on this one; it is the best Thai food in the region. If you are new to Thai food and want to ease into this flavorful food, start with the Pad Thai. It is a pan-fried noodle with egg, bean sprouts, onion and crushed peanuts, lip smacking and mild for a first time Thai dish. Any of the fried rice dishes are tremendous (my favorite is the spicy fried rice that is a country style rice and scrumptious beyond belief). Thai Dheva is located on the corner of fifth and Grand in Grover Beach, at 501 Grand. They are open everyday from 11 to 9 and can be reached at (805) 481-3663. Please, please, please go try them.