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The Spoon Trade

As always – an exceptional meal at The Spoon Trade. Chef Jacob commands a kitchen like no other. His use of flavors and exceptional raw ingredients meet to create an orgasm on my tongue. Brooke – his bride and front of the house genius, has curated a wine list so incendiary -that it defies the cosmos. While most others disappoint in service and promise- this pair exceeds. We started with the Seabass Crudo with Calabrian chilies and Ponzo sauce. My first wave of pleasure started there. Gary started with the upside-down strawberry shortcake and a oat milk sauce. Warm and succulent, and out of this world. The Caesar salad with grilled sourdough pieces, anchovies, and an exceptional dressing is my staple on every visit. No one does this salad better. Our first main was Chicken and Dumplings. This southern comfort food is elevated at the hands of this chef. The Seabass in a corn polenta and excruciating good MolĂ© sauce blew my mind. It was topped with almonds and cocoa beans. This is where I crescendoed. The service was perfection, the wine was delicious and we loved every bite. Get your refined palettes to this restaurant- STAT. #tastebuds #thespoontrade #bestrestaurant #groverbeach