Thomas Hill Organics

After a busy and dizzy day of wine tasting there is nothing I want more than good chow. After stuffing my trunk with amazing wines from Grey Wolf and Turley, we were ready for a culinary spectacle. One of the best cuisine samples in North County is served at Thomas Hill Organics and our lively party of four got to try some of the usual and unusual fare they have to offer. We were about to confirm that drinking good wine with spectacular food is one of lives most treasured experiences. 

We started with a plate to share of Stuffed Peppadews, small red sweet and hot peppers stuffed with Alcea Rose Farms Goat Cheese, Provençal olives that all lay on a bed of micro greens and mint oil. We were off to a good start with the sweet, hot and savory taste buds tantalized. Gary started with the Olive Oil Cake, which blew everyone’s mind. It is spectacular in its simplicity, with a dash of orange zest in the frosting. This large slice of cake that was absolutely moist and tender, with a cream cheese style frosting topped with fresh strawberry slices.  I had to try the Chicken Wing Confit, as this simple food done with a flare can bring me bliss. The chicken wings are boiled in olive oil than seared with a Sriracha glaze and sprinkled with sesame seeds. To say these where the best wings I have tried would be an understatement. 

The salads were equally impressive and tasted as fresh as my garden. The Roasted Stone Fruit salad was a hit with the menfolk with Fairview Farms white peaches and nectarines, pickled summer berries all resting atop succulent butter lettuce with smidgeons of sesame brittle. The Farmgirl honey-sea salt fromage blanc (super sweet fancy cheese) brought the savory and the apricot vinaigrette brought the tangy. The Braised Duck salad was as complicated as it was impressive. It was filled with luscious duck breast as well as Maria’s squash noodles, shizo leafs, pickled plums, peanuts, snap peas and there tendrils, mint, basil, cilantro, with the green onion and ginger relish and fried ginger and chili vinaigrette.

For my main course I had the Ahi Tuna Tataki Style with large pieces of seared Ahi served with avocado, sesame cucumbers, sunflower sprouts, wakame, green onion, Fairview Farms pickled apricot and drizzles with a ponzu sauce, all sitting upon a ginger relish. It was good and did two loops around the table. Our friends each ordered the Grilled Filet Mignon, a perfectly cut and cooked piece of meat served with Spanish chorizo and potato hash, asparagus, heirloom cherry tomatoes, Italian frying peppers and a red pepper coulis. It was topped with a fried egg, which makes everything taste better. 

We finished with a chocolate mousse and a chocolate cake and decided it was time to roll on home to Pismo. Our guests were impressed and filled with wonder at the eclectic and eccentric organic treats. They were awestruck with a restaurant that believed in the significance of organic, regionally produced food. It is nice to hear that nearby farmers provide all fruits and vegetables, which are always straight from the earth fresh. 

Thomas Hill Organics Bistro and Wine Lounge source a vivid array of fresh ingredients to concoct bold, imaginative dishes. Thomas Hill Organics is located at 1313 Park Street in Paso Robles; call them at (805) 226-5888.