Writers Love Lust for Joss Whedon

If I could meet and have lunch with anyone in Hollywood, it would be Joss Whedon. I am awed by him, fascinated by him, want to be him, and especially want to jump inside his head and see how it works. I met Brad Pitt and was not fazed, (he is truly beautiful), but for Joss- I would sell my children. He is the genius behind Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, and my new favorite- Dr. Horrible’s Musical Blog. He also wrote Toy Story, Alien Resurrection, episodes of Roseanne, The Office, and The Tick. He has a new twisted movie coming out that is a Horror/comedy called A Cabin in the Woods. I own every episode of Buffy, Angel and Firefly. They are the material I study when I am have trouble with dialog. Even though his emphasis is on Sci Fi, Joss’s writing is brilliant, fully realized and inspiring.

This guy can twist a phrase and plot a scene better than anyone. He is our modern day Shakespeare. If you are not a Buffy fan, you have never witnessed the genius of his writing. Start with Firefly- Netflix “The Firefly” series and then the movie.

I LOVE Dr. Horrible’s Musical Blog. It was written and produced during the writer strike, so it must stay as a blog. Starring Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Houser) and Nathan Fillion it is a musical, superhero, comic, blog that is bizarre and wonderful. I love Joss Whedon (Platonic love…not crush love, I’ll save crush love for Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion). Dr. Horrible is fun. It’s outside the box. It’s quirky and adorable and several more synonyms for zany. Here’s how my friend (who’s never heard of Whedon) described it “Cute…but than kinda depressing.”

The man has never done wrong by me, never made anything that was even slightly sub-par. Few of my favorite writers/directors can claim that (In fact…I think Joss is the only writer/director I have not been disappointed by even once!)

Here’s what he does. He invents a universe and all the rules of said universe. Then he makes his main characters with all their traits, quirks, goals. He knows what they eat for breakfast, what they would do in a fight, what drives them, how they feel about their mothers’, even what kind of underwear they sport. From this he lets the characters draw him. His turn of a phrase is perfection. All who have worked with him adore him. This man can write a full season plan with plot twists and character arcs that rival Hitchcock.

I want to be him. I want to write with an open spirit and be damned the laws of the universe. First I would like to meet him.