Writing Assignment- Bringing out fear as vehicle for plot.

My newest novel embroils me. The characters are as real to me as my children. 

I worry about them, want to make sure they are happy and moving forward. Then I realize the only way to get my readers to feel this impassioned is to run them into some obstacles. 

It is time to pick some inciting instances, crash them emotionally into a wall and see how they resolve it. 

This is basic plot exploration.

It feels like I am throwing a toddler up into a tall tree. 
It feels dangerous. 
It feels cruel. 
With all things fear based, I am enjoying every second of the fear.

I am inviting you to embrace the fear. It is what opens the creative gates more than any emotion.

Go forth and fall in love with your characters, them shred them to bits.

 Writing exercise:
Woman walks up to a tall tree. She hears a noise and looks up. There is a toddler in the branches. How did it get there? What does she do?

“Creativity is not a talent. It is a way of operating.”

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