Writing Exercise- Character Traits- Lesson 5, Professional/Public life

Character Traits- Lesson 5, Professional/Public life
What we do in our public or professional life is very different then we act at home. Character’s who grow up rich or poor, but who don’t grow up at all. They grow OUT but not up. I call the ones with a job and an opinion about everything “The Always Right People”. They can’t live without stating their opinions often and loudly.
No clients, customers, employees, staff, friends or dogs are immune to being preached too.  All find them boring, pompous and downright irritating.  Nevertheless, the The Always Right People must be heard, they must push on, no matter who reprimands them (Boss) or who punishes them (staff) or who ignores them (Everyone). They are the people are parents warned us about.
It is my opinion; they are not like this at home. I believe they are meek and easily prodded into action.  With that in mind, not flip your character on his back for a bit to show how they behave at work. Remember, diversity in traits makes them more interesting.
  1. Job
How do they make their money? Whether the job never shows up in your story or is the basis of it, make it interesting or extremely dull.
  1. Accomplishments in publics eye
What have the done, accomplished or been recognized for in the publics eye. My husband is currently the president of his local fraternal organization. They do weekly pontifications and pomp and circumstance. He has a big box full of appreciation plaques; I could care less. This doesn’t affect our life at all at home. Big or small, what does your character do to feed his public ego?
  1. Clubs/Organizations
Back to my household. We work together, but our clubs and organizations couldn’t be more different and we never both belong to the same organization. Both have a barring on our personalities. I tend to try to save children and animals, he likes to belly bump and write big checks.
  1. Public causes supported/protested
What gets their motor running enough to grab a sign and march in a circle for an hour? What makes them passionate enough to write that monthly check? They can be very diverse and should be unique of the clubs and organization.
This is going to be a short exercise, as my grandkids have shared their cough fest, snot filed cold with me and I am groggy and need more Kleenex.  Keep writing this character trait for your character, I promise you will be so proud of your self when it is done- you will belly bump your mirror. Gotta go clean a sneeze off the keyboard.

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