Writing Exercise: The stories, signs and myths that shape our writing

A dead person has a distinctive skin tone. This color assures the viewer that there is no life force in this body. It is a color not seen any time else. I first witnessed this at 18 years old. My best friend had married an authentic cowboy on a Sunday and then was hit by UPS truck on Tuesday killing her, four dogs and two horses. I was asked to view and identify the body.  This incident forever changed the course of my life. I begin to live each day like it was the last one.
Twenty-five years later, my little sister died after four atrocious years of fighting cancer. The cancer ultimately attacked her lungs and she left this world unaware she was going to pass. She looked at me and said, “Why are you crying?” She gasped one last breath, and was gone. This incident changed the course of my family forever; it is too agonizing for us to comprehend, but shapes our lives still.
Yesterday coming home from Farmer’s Market, there was a collection of police cars, fire trucks and flashing lights on the side of the road. It was clear it was a bad accident. Normally, I never look at the carnage except to glance if I recognized any of the cars. As anyone who survived raising teens is terrified of them wrapping their cars around trees, you acquire the need to glance. I scanned a bit too long and saw that the motorcycle driver on the ground and he had that familiar tint to his skin tone.
I immediately recoiled and knew that something like this cannot be unseen. I also started to wonder what did it mean. Was this a sign and what was my lesson? I do believe that myths and signs shape our lives and if we do not get the subtle sign, life will keep throwing progressively harder ones at you. I try to recognize the subtle ones so the Gods do not feel the need to hit me over the head with their lesson hammer.
I did not know this motorcycle rider who was trying to break sound barrier on a twisty country road. My husband has long since sold his street bike. My son’s are too poor to own a crotch rocket, yet. I drive like a grandma (my average speed is 25 mph). Was the message to keep my eyes to my own signs? I do know that his face has haunted my dreams the last few nights and although my glance was less than 3 seconds, my memory retains a ton of disturbing detail.
I am going to take this lesson at face value and get some projects done that have been eluding me. I am going to write like I only have a week to live and finish work that is important for My Prosperity. I am going to stop saying Why? and start more Why Not!
I am going to send his widow flowers.

Your Writing Exercise:
Myths and signs shape our live, our culture and especially our stories. I want you to take a popular myth and rewrite the lesson into your own story.  

Here are some to choose from:
  1.             Girl gets lost looking for a better place to find she had it best at home.
    2.     The Trickster uses misdirection and humor to acquire objects.
    3.     Star crossed lovers make a great marriage.
    4.     A box is open unleashing destruction on the world.
    5.     A young man must go out into the world to seek treasure.
    6.     If you are rich and powerful enough, you can outrun fate.
    7.     The world is flat and you can fall off the end of it if you travel too far.
    8.     Parents cannot learn anything from their children.
    9.     Having material wealth is more important than physical health.
    10.  Never get involved in a land war in Asia (Never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line!)

Write At least 500 words making your own myth or sign based story.