Writing Exercises- Day 1

Today it is all about finding your authentic voice. This is the only true assist we have (besides tenacity and endurance). As a writer, your genuine expression is the only thing that will set you apart, make you get noticed and brand you successful. Believe it or not, some people have trouble finding their own voice. Could this be what is stopping your progress, nay your accomplishment? 
For the next few weeks, I will give out writing assignments that are specifically geared for you to find and then compose in your authentic voice. The more time you spend on these exercises, the better you will become.  Enjoy! 
Exercise 1-
Answer these questions honestly. Do not skim them. Here’s what I suggest read each one, note the first thought that pops into your mind, and jot that down. Then re-read and write a more thought out answer. Combine the two to find the truth.
1.     Why do you write?
2.     What do you want from your writing?
3.     How do you practice writing?
4.     How often do you read? What do you read?
Tomorrow I will discuss these questions at length and then have you do the exercise again. Have fun!