The Greatest Of Ease by Teri Bayus


Did you ever threaten to run away and join the circus?
The Greatest Of Ease by Teri Bayus is about a girl that did in 1980.
As she finds herself traveling, learning and growing as only a fearless 21 year old woman would do. 

Did You Ever Want To Run away And Join The Circus?

Gail Did! Now You Can Know Visceral Details Of Circus Life.

The Greatest Of Ease is Written By Teri Bayus

It’s 1980, and Gail has decided to blow off her full college ride and become a trapeze artist.

As she finds herself wandering the dysfunctional circus life, she realizes the safety net of the existence she once knew is unraveling, but the show must go on no matter what.

This honest, daring, and sexy story is about mysterious circus culture through the eyes of a young woman with a dream of flying.

The Greatest Of Ease is a roman à clef showing us a fascinating, detailed view of circus life circa 1980.

Ultimately a story of redemption, The Greatest Of Ease, will make you gasp, laugh and cry. Join Gail on her journey of a permanent reminder of a temporary feeling.

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Teri Bayus

About The Author

Teri Bayus is a writer of words and a builder of worlds.

She has self-published two novels and optioned two screenplays and two teleplays. She has a nonfiction book, Why Not Me? about how the universe conspires to make everyone’s dreams a reality. Her current novel, The Greatest Of Ease, is about her time as a trapeze artist in a traveling circus.

Her previous novel, Consumed is the genre of culinary erotica.

Before the plague, she hosted and produced the TV show Taste Buds (, highlighting the chefs’ talents and restaurants worldwide. She was a food and film critic for twenty years and the executive director of the Central Coast Writers Conference for six years.

She has taught many writing and marketing classes at colleges and adult education forums.

Her love for inspiring others has brought her to the path of a professional speaker. She adores sharing her journeys with others by facilitating many workshops, classes, and marketing seminars.

She lives with her husband, who is a wild entrepreneur, two terrible dogs, and a wonderful cat in

Pismo Beach, California.

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