Dinner and A Movie- without food and wine!

Having a bad detox day (and night) flu like symptoms have settled in my body and I feel like the turd garden we have in the back yard (my husband only picks up dog shit when he needs to feel centered and he has been very centered for at least 3 months). Everything aches, having a hard time breathing and I am HUNGRY for Hot, Real Food.

Plus tonight is the night that I do my “Dinner and A Movie” research. This consists of Going to a restaurant, eating, and then watching a movie (where I always sneak in a bottle of wine). What am I going to do with myself? I have a restaurant I have eaten at twice that I can review, but the substitute for wine in the movie? This problem kept me up late last night. I guess I’ll bring a Pom Tea.

I always see every movie that is up for an Academy Award, and the ones left for me to see are all very depressing, Nazi’s, death, murderesses, Indian Slums. I could face these movies with a nice Pinot Noir, but stone sober, dude I will be depressed for weeks. I take my Academy Awards seriously; I make it a whole day party. I watch every arrival, on at least three channels, dress up, make party favors, and cry thru the whole ceremony. I have been writing and practicing my own Academy Award speech for years. It is my meditation when I am lost, mad, sad, uninspired. If I am pissed at my husband, I leave him out. If a friend has done something nice for me, it is because of their help. The speech relaxes me, soothes me, and is my ultimate goal. I want to win for writing (Original Screenplay) and I am going to keep banging out screenplays until I do. I may be the oldest person to win, but so be it. Stone sober tonight, I watch other peoples depressing masterpieces.

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  1. twinkelydots

    #1. Why is there a hippo here?
    2. Being your best friend in the WHOLE FUCKING WIDE WORLD means that I am always in your speech.
    3. You may want to revisit some of those movies you saw drunk. Sober means never having to say your sorry. (or having to answer to the question “What was SHE on when she wrote this review??”)
    4. I loved Slumdog. There’s my vote.

  2. Dina

    I’m with you on being depressed for weeks. Shoah still haunts me.

    Thanks for your birthday/family comment, I laughed. It’s good to know I’m not the only one 🙂

  3. Teri Bayus

    #1- There is a hippo there cause thats how I feel.
    #2 – Your are always in my speech and in most of my screenplays.
    #3 – I have made myself famous (In a Pismo kind of way) with my drunken ramblings of the movies, I am afraid, they will hate me sober.

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