Weekly Writing Exercise – I’m in Love


Hey all- I am back. Novel is nearly done (and I can’t tell you how much fun it is to write a steamy book!). I am on my second draft and it should be out for Christmas.

Many new things in my life- I have been asked to take on the Central Coast Writers Conference as the director, so that is very exciting. I have a real passion for helping writers achieve their goals, so it is a dream job.

I am also doing a TV version of my dinner reviews for Central Coast Now TV- so look for the show. We are calling it Taste Buds and I am already having a ball producing it.

Meanwhile, we need to keep writing! I will be giving you weekly assignments again in the strange genre that is Teri’s warped mind.

Here is your assignment: 

The first time we feel love for something can be transforming. Write about a new feeling, the physical manifestation of it and how it forever changed you.