Garland’s Hamburgers – Grover Beach


I had an adult fun sized weekend. The recycled bin is rattling with empty bottles and the dishwasher is overfilled with wine glasses. These friend filled debaucheries are so much fun, until the next day. Then it is time for some serious substance that has restorative powers. I am not talking a green juice or soup, I am talking Hamburgers. I always cure my sluggish after-drink carcass with a trip to Garlands Hamburgers. They make a perfect burger and an impeccable burger, can cure anything.

Gary goes into this milkshake maven at least once a week, for he treats himself with handmade strawberry/banana malt. Most men have a beer; mine mixes strange flavors with ice cream and sucks them down until his temple throbs. He also favors chocolate/peanut butter, pineapple, chocolate/banana, but butterscotch was his favorite until he over did it and his taste buds rebelled. He also claims that maraschino cherry is surprisingly good. The shakes are made with real ice cream, scooped into a stainless steel mug, milk and flavor added and then blended. (Yeah, he has a shake problem).

On this shaky-lunch date he started with a caramel shake, I ordered a 805 beer, using the hair-of-the-dog strategy. We started with an order of Kicken’ Fries, with thick steak fries smothered in pepper jack cheese, grilled onions, and a jalapeño ranch sauce. We added jalapenos and jump-started our appetites. I ordered the Kobe beef burger and added avocado. This burger is priced higher than the others are, but the quality and quantity of meat make it worthwhile. It is served on a French roll and is superb. Gary had the pastrami sandwich, which he loved. They make the pastrami on site and it is flavorful and delicious (they leave the marbling in, which is the way to do a pastrami sandwich correctly, but sometimes it is not eye appealing). Gary inhaled it and complimented the mustard and pickle garnish that made this sandwich an accomplishment. The secret to this hamburger paradise is that the owners are always on premise. They make sure all the food is prepared right, fresh, and hot. It is a sure thing and I love that about this restaurant.

Our friends (who were also recovering) had the Garlands basket with a double cheeseburger, fries, onion rings and a soda. The onion rings were huge and we all tugged at them while dipping them in ranch dressing. To stop the bickering, Gary ordered a Sampler, which included fries, onion rings, and freshly breaded zucchini. They threw in some sweet potato fries for us to try and we all swore we would be back just for those. The rib eye steak sandwich was an ideal blend of flavors with a tender cut of meat that needed no knife. We sat inside and waited for a food, while the boys enjoyed the 1962 surf film, but moved onto the shaded patio when the food came. We giggled and thoroughly enjoyed our transformation from sluggish to happy full people ready to take on the half over day. Thank God for Garlands, they serve a real public service.

 Garlands Hamburgers is located at 701 W Grand Avenue in Grover Beach, or call them at (805) 481-6512. They are open everyday from 10:30 to 8:30.