I am abusively Facebooking, Twittering and Bloging. Each Morning, before I pee, I check four email addresses, Facebook, Twitter and see if I have any new comments on my blog on my Iphone. Then I get to the office and check it all on the computer over and over during the day. After work I am on my laptop until midnight, sitting in my chair, drinking wine where I make Facebook comments and misspell every other word. I think about Twitter more than Sex.

I’m obsessed. It could be a stupid and insipid waist of time, but I am digging it and the possibilities. What possibilities I’m not sure. I am searching for interesting, old pictures to make my point. I’m carrying a notebook and jotting down interesting events. I’m reading a book on comedy, to sharpen my sarcasm. My girlfriend Twittered that they had college classes on how to market businesses with Social Marketing.

People I have lived without for 20 years are now back in my life and I know their every move. Old boyfriends and unwelcome family members have found me. It is a transparent life, I’m not sure why I am doing it. I initially started, to jump start and promote my writing. Which it has, but I am so exhausted from writing on all the apps all day long, I’m not working as long on the real stuff (maybe this is the real stuff)!

My children make fun of me, my husband is irritated. Even the dog is pissed. At the beach last night, I Twittered instead of throwing sticks. But I know what Ryan Seacrest, Joss Whedon and the Redneck Mommy are doing at all times. This is valuable – right?!??

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  1. D

    did you know you can Facebook and twitter at the same time you can link them so you only have to write one? Add #fb to your twitter entry and it will post on fb also.

  2. D

    ok that is not right add #fb to your twitter entry I dont know why the “f” didnt show up

  3. twinkelydots

    My new obsession is Yoville on Facebook.

    Go check it out.

    Don’t hate me.

  4. Dina

    I am avoiding Twitter, because I know I would get addicted. I have finally recovered from my Facebook addiction, and don’t want a relapse.

  5. Teri Bayus

    Twitter is so much fun! I was at the world’s most boring event last night. One of my friends was across the room and we got to exercise our sarcasm on Twitter during the speakers droning on. It rocks.

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