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Very exciting for me to see my favorite restaurant in the blog sphere. There is even a quote from one of my food reviews on New Years Eve. Click on New Years Eve and see how I was waxing poetically about this chef. If you love good, organic food, this chef is the one to follow. If I could eat here every night, I would, he is that good. Please check them out.

Cass House Blog

Get behind the scenes with pictures of our New Year’s Eve dinner, the Central Coast Magazine’s “Ultimate Chef” competition, and the L’Aventure winemaker dinner. Read weekly farmer’s market advice with recipes from our chef, Jensen Lorenzen. Get wine advice from Daniel Green, our sommelier, and read about his adventures in the local wine region. Check out all of our favorite restaurants, wine shops, and other local food & wine blogs. You can even listen to the staff’s Pandora radio stations while you are browsing our library of photos and articles! Wow! All you have to do is click on the link below:

know someone who loves food and wine and spends all of their free time blogging? pass it on!

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